Monday, November 29, 2010

Starry Night By:Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh could be considered one of the worlds most famous painters. His impressionism style is one in his own. A Starry Night is seen all over the world. I remember having to recreate it in 5Th grade art class.

Van Gogh grew up in a very religious family. His Father was an Evangelical Pastor. Van Goghs life centered around these three things: Contemporary lit., Philosophy, and history. Van Gogh didn't begin painting until 1880 after deciding he wasn't meant to follow in his fathers footsteps and be a minister.

Starry night is a very beautiful picture of a town on a clear night. The Gusts of wind blowing through the town and the lights out make the town look like a quiet town fast asleep on a cold winter night. There are 12 stars in the sky symbolizing the end of something and the beginning of new journey. Just like when the clock strikes 12 it's the end of one day and the start of another. He showed this to help him in trying to forget a past lover and her daughter that he had a problem with. The mountains in the back symbolize guidance for his journey. The church in the town with the large steeple stands out because of his large religious background. The tree is a representation of God watching over the town and keeping them safe. It isn't blowing in the wind so it is a figment of Van Goghs imagination and his image of God. It is much larger than everything else because He is power full and almighty. It is painted black because I think at the time Van Gogh may be questioning his beliefs is a sense that there as still a God but maybe he isn't who he thought he is. Because of Van Goghs past with his ex-lover and Daughter he is Questioning why God would put him through such pain. This painting was created by Van Gogh to help him get over his past and begin a new journey in life

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