Sunday, December 5, 2010

ilene meyer

Known for: still-life, marine, coastal and sea scape painting. Ilene Meyer was inspired by her mother's artworks as a child. And by the age of thirty, had dedicated her life to her art. She self titled herself as a surrealist with a twist which is obviously shown in this piece. The frogs which are so abundant in this work of art show a sign of sensitivity in an otherwise mass of confusion. The smaller frogs are almost as if in shock and not knowing what to do, as the one frog behind the bubble which I assume is using the bubble to make itself seem bigger than the others so they feel inferior. The blue shows tranquility yet yellow could resemble hope. Maybe that means the confusion is going away because the frog is taking charge and allowing others to feel security. which after all almost everyone wants out of life. so maybe this whole painting is just trying to represent that in everyone's life there is someone that makes you feel secure, that allows you to have hope about the future so whatever fear your having can disappear.There are black stripes on the base of one of the cliff- like things some of the frogs are standing on. maybe this is representing a dark time that is being overcome.

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