Friday, May 20, 2011

Maureen Loucks
Hour 2
Red Evening Sky
By: Emil Noble
Red Evening Sky was a painting on oil canvas and it was not a specific drawing. The painting was used by expressionist which made his paintings not as clear it was more like brush strokes throughout, however you could still see clearly the three canyons that were in the middle possibly representing his three main struggles. There’s also a pink-ish gold sky which to me represents his hopes and dreams. The blue ocean like floor was the freedom.
In the painting there are three dark brown canyons with mountains in the background. To me it represents the tougher “rocky” times in his life. They are steep and have sharp points on them. One of Noble’s struggles was choosing to leave his family farm that was in his family for 8 generations. Then there’s a canyon behind the first one which might represent him dropping out of college or falling behind. The next canyon is more to the right side of the painting and it shows his struggle to get a job. He felt like he was “slipping away”( which could be why the canyon was to the side. However beneath the canyons was a blue ocean like floor. The floor made me feel like it was his freedom after he had left the farm went to school and did find a job. The floor had brush strokes that made it look like waves were splashing along the canyons almost trying to sweep them away or take them out. The water floor also had some white paint strokes which represents the purity he felt when he did become a artist and his struggles were behind him. Finally the pink/ gold sky which takes up a big proportion of the picture and what made me like it so much and want to choose it. It represents his hopes and dreams. It looks like a beautiful sunset with brush strokes of pink and gold. It seems relaxed and happy. When you look at it, it’s like a paradise at first sight then you look below and realize there is more going on. It shows that below him was his struggles what he has trying to erase them is his freedom, and what he has the most of is hopes and dreams that can overlook any struggle.

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  1. I think how this was interpreted is very creative. It makes since and everything in the painting is for a reason. The painting was something that looked so happy but if you actually know the artist you realize there is much more behind the painting. I like that.