Friday, August 21, 2009

Example of a Blog Comment: Take the second Swat clip we watched through a particular lens.

The second Swat clip involved a car chase through a city neighborhood. If one looks at this clip throught the lens of race and culture, several stereotypes become apparent. For one, the chase scene makes it seem that every city neighborhood is dangerous and crime-ridden. It's the typical "ghetto" scene where ONLY crime and destruction are apparent. Also, mean dogs are pictured--as if people only have dogs in this environment to protect territory. Stereotypically, the perpetrator of the crime is African-American, and he's wearing a purple jump suit. His costuming plays into the common stereotype that "pimps" dress in flashy colors. The Latino woman is portrayed as "crazy" or "loco",which is also a common stereoptype. She's protective of her man, throws a skillet--could be violent.

The S.W.A.T. Team, however, has mixed race people in it. Are the filmmmakers saying that the SWAT team sees beyond race?

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