Friday, September 18, 2009

"helmet, kindling, and deer feed" by: Collier Schoor

This piece was created in post wall germany, a time when artists were pressing the limits after so much restriction in government, the times were booming moving past the tesnsion after such a repression of personal identity.
I have several thoughts on this piece
*that the pinecones are the masquline force{they are spiny and more, well obviously woodsy.}
*the apples are feminine{they are more vunerable and "life givers".}
*i find it interesting that the "men"{pinecones} are seperate from the "women"{apples} and that the men are in the helmet, possibly symbolizing that the men are going to war and the wemon will have to wait for them.
*it could also symbolize the pinecones as the force of the enemy that they are seperating themselfs and crying for order, as is typical with germans of the time. the apples in this case would be the berliners, totally vunerable to the force of the army sybolized by the helmet
*it is also interesting that the background is so crystal clear in focus when the forground is not, does this mean that the militant strategys are known, crystal clear ,if you will, but where the line crosses to the humanity of it, it becomes blurred?
*another question is am i looking too far in to this, is the picture only supposed to be pleasing to ones asthestics, with the fall colors and asymetry, it is pretty, striking even but, is it more?


  1. This piece of artwork really interests me. I like how all the colors kind of go together and it seems to be well organized. I also like how you compared the apples to women and the pinecones to men. I agree with what you said they represent.

  2. The comparison of women and apple and men and pinecones is very accurate, and the way you compared it to the war going on was a interesting find

  3. thanks alphabetical and collins17, i felt really akward making such a bold statement on pieces of fruit and tree droppings, haha, but i am glad that you agree.