Friday, September 18, 2009

"Marilyn Monroe" by Andy Warhol

This painting by Andy Warhol titled "Marilyn Monroe" is considered one of his best. It is a screenprint of Marilyn Monroe with bright and exuberant colors made in 1967. There is also a painting consisting of four of the exact same picture of Marilyn Monroe but in different colors.

Warhol has painted other famous people and politicians the same way such as John Wayne, Jackie Kennedy-Onassis, Queen Elizabeth II, Ronald Regan, Annie Oakly, Judy Garland, Mick Jagger, Jimmy Carter and others. Andy Warhol also created the famou painting of the Cambell's Soup can.

This painting really caught my eye mainly because of the bright colors in it. I guess I'm sort of like a small child, only responding to bright colors. But it caught my eye. And I knew who Andy Warhol was and I like a lot of his art. I really liked this because of how he took a regular picture and just made it weird in a very simple way. I am also a Marilyn Monroe fan. This is something I would hang in my house. I really like all of Andy Warhol's paintings because they are pretty much your basic run of the mill pictures just with extreme color in places where extreme color doesn't need to be.

Because this is a screenprint, many people might not consider this an actual 'painting' because It's pretty much a giant picture that Andy Warhol just colored in. I don't know if anyone else thinks it's art. I know that a lot of people think Andy Warhol is overrated.


  1. A painting and a screen print are two different methods of creating art, so people shouldn't consider it a painting. Either way, it's still art. Andy Warhol took simple objects and made them iconic, like the Campbell's Soup Can.

  2. i like this painting or colored in picture as the person who posted it said. but my question is why did andy warhol use the colors that he used? because by the looks of the picture it doesnt really look like he's trying to bring out marilyn monroe's beauty in the picture

  3. I think he used the colors he did because it almost makes it look like Marilyn Monroe is painted like a clown. Andy Warhol made a lot of screenprints like this and I think it was his way of making a joke out of someone famous, almost like he's telling the public that they're idolizing clowns and jokes.

  4. I do agree with you that she is painted up like a clown in this picture, but how does that painting style on other famous subjects like Ronald Reagan, Queen Elizabeth II and Jackie Kennedy-Onassis make them clowns? These subjects seem like all they did was good for the world.

  5. They're all political figures and everyone has an opposing argument when it comes to politics