Friday, September 18, 2009

In this photo by Ansel Adams you see the beauty of nature. I'm intrigued by many of his photographs just for the fact that it is something that you don't really see everyday. My interpretation of this picture is that it is very symbollic of life. That it may have its twists and turns but sooner or later you'll be on top when it is all over. Also the clouds overhead may mean something too. Such as how in the picture they look real dark and may insist that there may be rainy days or bad days but then in the distance you can see how it is clearing up which tells how rainy days come and go such as bad days come and go.

The balance in this picture is really good too. The way it has the mountains in the center and then the smaller hills on either side is very cool looking. It's almost surreal looking. Unless you live in Alaska or Colorado, you would never be able to see something so awesome. This type of photography really appeals to me because this could possibly be some place that I would want to visit or see during my lifetime.


  1. This picture makes you feel almost as if you are there. Standing on top of a mountain and looking through the valley. What i love the most is the artist decided to go with black and white. I think this gives the picture more of a story than color would. I agree with you, this is something i would love to see and spend sometime at during my lifetime.

  2. I agree--I'd llike to be in this place right now--I love the perspective that Adams uses--even though many people write him off as being too soothing.

  3. I would rather look at a soothing picture than a awkward one. Like Picasso, his paintings don't appeal to me, this though, does

  4. Most all of Ansel's photo's are just like this one of beautiful landscape and mountains and valleys. very relaxing

  5. this makes me think of opening a photography book in a cabin with a fire and yadda yadda
    its a good feeling piece which i like,
    but dont we all like a bit of drama, a bit of sex, a bit of hatred
    i really like this piece though, and i love how you related it to life.-