Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Can Steroid Use be Stopped?

This article talks about Professional Baseball player and how some continue to use steroids.
"We need to understand the dangerous cycle that perception creates....
College athletes believe they have to consider steroids if they're going to make it to the pros; high school athletes, in turn, think steroids are the key to getting a scholarship. It's time to break that vicious cycle, and it needs to happen from the top down."
If the steroid use continues the only way people can make it in professional sports is to use steroids. Anyone with real, true talent will just be over looked. Congress is attempting to get into the problem and stop it, which many players think will be helpful. There is no real number of players found to be doing steroids, only speculations. So is there really anyway for us to stop steroids in the major leagues and be sure of it?


  1. I think steriod use in the major leagues is going to be a challenge. I believe that is a pro athlete uses steriods they are hurting themselves in the end. There whole career would be a lie. There greatness would be a lie.