Wednesday, December 9, 2009

When your a little kid and your watching your favorite player on television you're wanting to be just like them. Hit homeruns like them, throw that deep ball for the game winning touchdown, or even hit the ball 350 yards straight down the middle. What kids are not thinking of is maybe there favorite player is taking steriods before the game or even after the game. Some kids would do anything to be like their favorite player and make it to the big leagues even if that means taking steriods. Its not just the professional athletes that that are making kids look towards using steriods, its even coaches the people that the student athletes look up to as if they were their second parents.In this era people are looking to be the best at any cost and steriods is becoming a problem with our professional sports and our highschool teams. Many kids have died because of using steriods and many kids look the other way and still use them thinking that will never happen to me. Kids need to learn that its not right to cheat yourself and even your life to be the best,because if you work hard and work the right way then you will succed and be the best.How come kids think they have to take steriods to be the best athlete they can? Will steriod use ever end in sports?

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