Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Little Game League erupts in Fight, 911 Call in Nashville


A summary of this article basically, that during a 7- and 8-year old championship baseball game was going on, a fight erupted from a few people who believed the umpire's call was unfair and they got angry. They were at it for about 22 minutes, until the police finally arrived at the scene of the incident. Luckly no guns were pulled, or people majorly injured. The fight occured in front of the children. When the police finally arrived the fight ended and most children went home without trophies.

My reaction basically is to this post if you're going to fight take it somewhere were people don't have to hold the game for you and the person you are fighting. Also if you can't work it out just move away from them don't create a scene. Connections would be how if they believe something to be wrong they'll fight for it.

Why was it, it took the police 22 minutes to arrive at the scene when in the South Nashville area it only takes about 13 minutes.

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  1. Why would you fight at a little league game personally I'm a umpire for little league, and parents go crazy because they all want to see their child do great. I have also witnessed many times where parents would charge on the field or cuss out the ump mainly over the strike zone. They feel that the perfect zone is exactly what they can see when mainly its on opinion. I think these parents acted incorrectly, they are showing their kids all this, and usually some grow up acting like that. The parents think the umps are suppose to be perfect, know the rules, but everyone makes mistakes we are all human.