Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Roger Bratcher, a father of a T-ball player was briefly jailed after an outburst against an umpire during a game involving 5- and 6-year-olds. The accused threatened to beat the umpire moments before walking onto the field and starting a fight with Eddie Smith, who was officiating the game, according to the criminal complaint. A girl who was playing in the game suffered a minor injury when she was struck in the face during the scuffle. (July 2003)

I find this to be quite funny, in t-ball there are heardly any rules and a guy of a 5 and 6 year old game gets up and starts a fight with a ump. Really that tells you that parents are really over zealous of the kids game, the main motto for baseball is to have fun and remember its just a game. While here the parents think that there child must do the best at all costs. I think the parent here was the type who was over competive and hated to lose, some people are like that, I could see this happen to a high school or college game but, at a 5 and 6 t-ball thing no way.

What happen next, what charges were made?

What was the real reason for the outcome?

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  1. I agree; the parents are so immersed in the game that doesn't even par with legitimate rules of the game. For younger kids in t-ball, don't they get a certain amount of runs so that its fair? When my brother played, outs were counted, but they didn't matter. Everyone got an equal amount of turns to bat, so it was for the fun of the game, not for the competition. There was no winner, there were just friendships and icecream. So why would the parents have any reason to blow up? Maybe because by some off chance, they got together the two most competitive people in the world. Maybe the two parents were failed sports stars and wanted to live vicariously through their children, no matter what little girl might be in the way of their fight.