Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Steroids in the NHL

This article explains the use of steroids in the NHL. Professional hockey players have never had a reputation of being steroid users, and most still believe this true. In the article a former NHL player wrote a book about using steroids and how there is a problem with it in the league. He talks about players using stimulants to enhance size and toughness. It explains the use is more for big defensive guys, and no cases of skilled offensive players. He says they do not help you play better hockey, they just make you bigger tougher and stronger. Reactions of current players denied a problem with steriods in the NHL. Ex Blue Kelly Chase said " There may be the select few who take them for size and believe they will help as there are in every sport, but there is not a problem".

I don't believe there is a problem with steriods in the NHL. Of course there are going to be individuals who take them for personal reasons such as height or to beef up, but they do not make you a better hockey player. If skilled players take steroids, it can negatively affect their play as their body can't handle the muscle and size. It could slow down their hands and shooting accuracy. Personally I do know hockey players my age how have taken steroids to get bigger in hope that height and size will improve their chances of making it to the NHL. But as far as those who made it to the pros, there is no benefit from taking steroids. Considering this, do you think it is acceptable for kids who want to grow and beef up to improve chances of making it to the pros to take steroids or growth hormone?

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