Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Northwestern Women's Soccer Team Suspended After Hazing


Members of the women's soccer team at Northwestern posted photos depicting hazing incidents on a student file-sharing network. The photos...

"showed women's soccer players wearing only T-shirts and shorts or underwear. Many of the players were covered in marker, and some appeared to be drinking beer. Other photographs showed players giving lap dances for what the captions said were Northwestern men's soccer players. The captions said the dances were a punishment.
In some photographs, the players are in lines blindfolded, their hands bound behind their backs."

In response, the soccer players were suspended and banned from participating in athletic events.

I think the university's response was appropriate in this case. The junior members of the team were forced into sexually demeaning situations by the senior members...a particularly offensive form of hazing. Even when this stuff takes place off campus, the team still represents the university. The university I attended as an undergrad harshly punished hazing by Greek organizations...my sorority, for example, was prevented from allowing members to use the terms "Mom" and "Kid" because of the suggestion of authority or power over the new member. Athletic hazing should be taken just as seriously.

I wonder whether the women subjected to the hazing welcomed it as a traditional "rite of passage" for the team?


  1. i agree, it doesnt matter what you do off the field, you still represent your team and school. If you have no respect for the team, then you shouldnt play.

  2. I think that alcohol and other drugs are pretty much apart of proffesional sports. Everyone does either one and you cant stop it. The only reason that proffesionals need to be good role models, is to show that you can be an incredible athlete without suplements or artificial help. They have to show that kids can be that good without steroids.

  3. i think that if someone is going to do something illegal like steroids they should keep it to themselves and if it becomes known they should apologize and tell it off to children so it doesnt make a bad impression to them. they should just train harder to better themselves instead of cheating

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  5. I agree with the "Northwestern Women's Soccer Team Suspended After Hazing" article and opinion. If hazing is going to get other groups into trouble it should get sports teams in trouble also. I bet some of the members thought it was just typical and needed to become part of the team but those are also people who don't mind listening to other people and being a follower. I personally wouldn't want to and if they tried to make me I'd just walk away because I wouldn't want anyone ahead of me like that and have that much athority over me.

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